Lembata is an Exotic Island in the East of Indonesia

Have you ever heard the name Lembata? Yeah right, Lembata is an area in eastern Indonesia including East Nusa Tenggara Province. Lembata Island is often referred to Lomblen, in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Lembata is the largest island of Solor Islands. Lembata Island about 80 miles in length, and its width is approximately 30 km. Lembata capital is Lewoleba or Labala. On the western side of Lewoleba there is a volcano called Ile Ape. In Lewoleba there is also a port for boats connecting coastal cities and surrounding islands. Lewoleba can be accessed by residents of Larantuka, Flores, and Waiwerang.

Lembata has three volcanoes, which Ililabalekan, Iliwerung, and Lewotolo. Population Lembata very diligent to make textile. Communication used by the Indonesian Lembata is combined with the local language. The most dominant regional language is a language Lamaholot used as a mother tongue in the East and West Flores Solor. Lamaholot have derived more than ten languages ​​(sublanguages) and dialect. Lamaholot used as native tongue by 150,000 residents.

Lamalera beach is the beach on the south Lembata. The total population is about 2,500 people Lamalera. Lamalera population in Indonesia and world renowned as a formidable whaling. They often do whale hunter using the traditional spear guns and boats. Before action whale hunter, they perform rituals beforehand. It is to invoke the blessing and safety from grandmother. Unique marine habitats can be found in Lamalera like fairy wrasse reef fish (Cirrhilabrus flavidorsalis) and Swallowtail Hawkfish (Cyprinocirrhites polyactis). 2 fish species can only be found in coral reefs good.

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Bali with an abundance of charm

When the holiday season arrives we get the number of tourists who come to Bali continues to increase. It can be seen from the height of the tourist attractions, and the hotel also always full. Tourist numbers will continue to increase as information Kuta Bali continues to spread in various media and invite the attention of many people to come to Bali. They saw Bali as a tourist area filled with interesting and amazing things. This is certainly very influential in Balinese society because today was the Balinese are familiar with the existence of the region as a tourist destination for many people.

The existence of the island of Bali as a favorite tourist spot cannot be avoided anymore. All Kuta Bali as it is the allure that has a sale value to be served. Various souvenir products currently offered take an important role in the development of tourism assets in Bali. There are many people who are interested in this one asset. The craftsmen of these souvenirs collected in a container aspiration to run and make their products more unique and quality. We can see how the sales of highly profitable products souvenirs in a tourist area.

The existence of souvenir sellers’ product is very supportive of the completeness of a tourist attraction. When we go somewhere we would want a tour recalls memories of the place. Likewise, when we visited one of the resorts in Bali of course we also want to get a souvenir Kuta Bali. Every tourist area has a different souvenir in the form of carvings, metal knick knacks, and other accessories. Each of these products has a different character values. Bali is also known as a charming cultural diversity and it would be an advantage that should be highlighted.

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Best facility to get best vacation

You should to choose lodging with great facility, features and services to get a great vacation. We all know that purpose of vacation is for joying life and relieve stress. So, you should to get a comfortable place for your vacation. Yogyakarta is a good place to be visited when you will take a vacation with your family or you as backpacker. Indonesians are very friendly and everybody knows that. So, don’t worry if you take vacation to Indonesia. Some people will wonder where they will overnight. I recommend you to book Malioboro hotel.

Malioboro is a most famous place or street in Yogyakarta. So, I think Malioboro is a center of Yogyakarta. You are right if you book a hotel in Malioboro when you take vacation to Yogyakarta. In Malioboro, you can find anything. You can find several of entertainment, several of food, several of unique places, spa and many places to be visited. So, it isn’t wrong if you take decision to overnight in Malioboro. Actually, Yogyakarta is very large, so you can find lodging anywhere in Yogyakarta. But once again I say that there is no better hotel than Malioboro hotel.

In Yogyakarta, you can find Parangtritis beach. It is a beautiful beach even not same with Kuta beach in Bali, but it is really beautiful for you to spend the time while you are on vacation. And did you know that Parangtritis beach is very near from Malioboro.

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Bali tourism draws

There is Balinese life very closely with the tourism sector which has been spearheading the population of Bali’s economy. Tourism has become a sign pinned on the island dubbed this paradise island. Every corner of the island is very closely linked with tourism offerings. Asset management of natural resources optimally and also the provision of accommodation to be a factor supporting the creation of comfort traveled. That is rows of Seminyak villas with facilities available to a realization of the seriousness of the island of Bali tourism presents an interesting dish.

As we have seen, the Seminyak area now known as the provider of the class. There are many five-star hotels that stand in the region, in addition to the villa that stands majestically with each architectural style. A number of restaurants and places of relaxation come complete repertoire of accommodation in Seminyak area. In this area we can also find attractions such as the beach has a beautiful panorama. Access to the beach is very easy to reach from the hotel or villa mostly in Seminyak Villas. This is very convenient for travelers who want a practical access.

The island of Bali is part of Indonesia that the country has a tropical climate which is cool. The existence of a variety of beaches and hills as a tourist destination is strongly supported by the green landscape stretching from the many trees that grow in the land of Bali. Cool breeze that blows around the coast is very soothing and memorable atmosphere for tourists visiting Bali. We will find many other experiences of the various means provided by the manager beach to give satisfaction for the visitors.

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Easily Finding a Nice Jogja Hotel

Jogja Hotel is always full booked in every high season or holiday. It is because the great fame of Jogjakarta in the whole Indonesia and even the world. The local Javanese culture can be seen and felt clearly in the city. Yet, the city with great culture reservation is also never far from the modernization. It means that you can enjoy staying in a Jogja Hotel with much local culture atmosphere as well as high class facilities.

Jogja Hotel is available in many options. The hotels are spread on various sites on Jogjakarta so that you can choose the best one to stay. If you think that it will be interesting to stay in a hotel with ethnic look, just choose an ethnic hotel. Such Jogja Hotel is commonly decorated with typical Javanese furnishings such as wood furniture and decorations with typical models and carvings. The ethnic atmosphere can be felt from the very first time you step on the Jogja Hotel, because it is the way they become interesting and uniquely show the typical characters of Jogjakarta culture.

Jogja Hotel is available in various rates depended on the class of the hotel, location, and facilities. Feel more interesting atmosphere in an ethnic hotel, but it may be higher in rates because of the costly furnishings and maintenance. You may get higher rates for a hotel located in an urban area, yet it doesn’t really matter since you can more enjoy the staying. More information including the rates can be gotten from the website of the Jogja Hotel.

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Experience the Amazing Accommodation at Hotels in Jogjakarta

Hotels in Jogjakarta, Indonesia are varied. You can get the luxurious boutique hotel, five stars hotel, two stars hotel, and vacation rental, up to the villas. You may choose the Jogja Hotel, Malioboro Hotel, or the Ethnic Hotel based on your preference. All can be booked simply online. These Hotels in Jogjakarta are providing the specialty of living in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, no matter how long you will take. The sincere service, artistic architecture, Javanese culture, and the thousand year’s masterpiece could be found in the ethnic hotel. Meanwhile the Jogja Hotel will serve you with the comfortable and satisfying service only from Rp. 390.000,00 Nett for the stars level.

If you are backpackers, you can also find the appropriate Hotels in Jogjakarta. With no more than Rp.100.000,00 per night, Hotels in Jogjakarta will enable you to save the budget for long time accommodation and spend more for other touring needs. Therefore, you can experience the accommodation that is close to the tourist interest like Malioboro Hotel for example. Complete information on Hotels in Jogjakarta could be accessed online. It might not require high budget, but you may find the adequate facilities. All that you need is the professional website that provides the links to those Hotels in Jogjakarta that have been selected carefully.

By finding the good source of Hotels in Jogjakarta information, you will save more time to manage the accommodation of your visit to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. You will then able to count on the online reservation too. You do not have to worry about the different conditions that you find in reality, since the information given about Hotels in Jogjakarta is accurate. So, have a wonderful visit that is completed with the unforgettable experience staying at Hotels in Jogjakarta.

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